ORBT Vehicles

ORBT vehicles are spacious – 30% longer than our longest bus – and articulated (that’s the accordion in the middle). Plus, we’re adding features that you asked for, which will increase comfort and reduce what we call “dwell time,” which means ORBT gets moving faster:

Level Boarding Level Boarding
Raised station platforms enable easier, more accessible boarding – no climbing, no stairs.
Three Door Boarding Three Door Boarding
After purchasing your tickets at the station, you’ll be able to board through any door.
Accessible Navigation Accessible Navigation
We’ll have auditory and visual cues for upcoming stops, making ORBT more accessible and convenient for everyone.
Bikes on Board Bikes on Board
Your bike rides for free – just wheel it into a bike rack on board.
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
ORBT vehicles will be fueled by CNG, reducing harmful emissions.
Onboard WI-FI Onboard WI-FI
Wi-Fi on board the vehicles will keep you connected while you travel.

In short, they’re accessible for everyone – riders, wheelchairs, bikes, strollers, droids. You’ll know exactly where you’re going, and you’ll be comfortable until you get there. Stare into space! Read a book! Knit us a scarf! Whatever it is, let us do the driving.